In our online retreat we intend to explore together that new language of the Spirit. You are invited to re-imagine being in the Upper Room. Approach the language God knows best with anticipation.

During this year’s Summit, you will have the opportunity to get to know St Joseph from a Carmelite perspective and you will start to see St. Joseph in a new light. St Teresa teaches that we should turn to St Joseph for any need and that he never let her down.

Fr Joe Birmingham, our brother Carmelite from Avila Carmelite Centre in Dublin, wanted to share this reflection on the Holy Eucharist, which constitutes a lens through which to view Christ’s expectation of us and His followers.

As Carmelites here in Oxford, we’d just like to let you know we’ll be generating a new initiative launching in January called Word and Wisdom. You’ll be able to join us each month as we share our Carmelite Spirituality. Fr. Anthony explains more in this video…