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Pentecost Retreat 2021
3rd May – 21st May

“The Holy Spirit is the unpredictable power of God’s word”
Pope Francis


Daily prayer in the Upper room had been a time of waiting for the early Christian community. Each knew they were to receive a promise of the Risen and Ascended Jesus. How, or, in what manner they would recognise it, was another matter. Meantime each practiced being together and prayed – no doubt that fundamental prayer Jesus actually taught them, would have been included. For ten consecutive days – nothing. Then a new sound echoing the sound of wind (i.e. a powerful breath, or, spirit) announced presence and the Holy Spirit drawing near. Symbolically expressed, the tongues of fire point towards the resting of the Holy Spirit upon each of them. A new enkindling of love within them was now taking place. We can say this as when they spoke about the “marvellous deeds” God had done (i.e. Jesus’ life, death and rising from the dead) all who gathered, who spoke in different languages, unknown by the disciples in the upper room, understood them when they spoke. What Babylon had destroyed is now united: we can now understand the language that God knows best – that of love. After this Pentecostal experience all that was left was to Give what they had been Given.

Our Retreat Host, Fr. Tony Parsons, Carmelite Priest

Anthony Parsons OCD, newly joins the community having served
in a number of different roles within the Order. He has ministered
at various levels of responsibility and looks forward to sharing his
experiences of Parish and Retreat ministry in this new venture in his life
as a Carmelite. Having studied in the Carmelite Institute he brings
a passion for the Orders’ spirituality and charism.

What to Expect

In our online retreat we intend to explore together that new language of the Spirit. You are invited to re-imagine being in the Upper Room. Approach the language God knows best with anticipation. In many ways to plunge into the escape story of the disciples inspirational moment. That through the Holy Spirit, learn to attune and free yourself from the dents and hurts or disappointments in life.

This will be an online retreat. It presupposes that anyone undertaking this believes in the action of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit who is detected in the movements that unveil the presence of Christ with us. It will involve you personally taking responsibility to engage with the Holy Spirit.


Each evening we will listen to a video presentation setting a theme for reflection. These presentations will help guide our conversations and afterwards will be followed up by sending reflections to ponder after each session.

Join Us:

Easter has its preparatory season, Christmas has its preparatory season; Pentecost has no season of preparation. If you want to rekindle your confidence in the Holy Spirit – why not join in on this retreat as a preparation to reconnect you with the touch of God. Pope Francis tells us that the “Holy Spirit is the unpredictable power of God’s word”  – so we come with open hearts and minds to encounter this Gift to be given.

Pentecost Schedule

Over these three weeks we will be utilising the Catholic Faith Exploration production “The Gift” as a basis of our conversations together. The videos of that production cover the following topics:-

Week 1
Monday 3rd May, 6-8pm. The Father’s Loving Plan
Friday 7th May, 6-8pm. The Joy Of The Gospel

Week 2
Monday 10th May, 6-8pm. The Gift Of The Spirit
Friday 14th May, 6-8pm. Unwrapping God’s Spirit

Week 3
Monday 17th May, 6-8pm. Encountering God’s Spirit
 Friday 21st May, 6-8pm. Living In The Spirit

Registration Details

By registering, you will be enrolled for the full retreat.

(with optional donation)