Date: Saturday 13th July @ 2pm (Uk Time)

Venue: Online or In person – Boars Hill Priory

Lecture 1 – The Blessed Virgin Mary in Holy Scripture and Patristic Literature

Lecture 2 – Mary, Seat of Wisdom in the Carmelite Tradition

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2.00pm           Welcome and Opening
2.10pm            Lecture 1
2.50pm           Tea/Coffee Break
3.15pm            Lecture 2
4.00pm           Break
4.30pm           Panel Discussion

5.15pm            Summit Ends

The four Catholic Marian dogmas, namely Mother of God, Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, and Assumption, have been at the heart of the Catholic Faith but have also exposed the Catholic Church to sharp criticism. They have been concurrently a source of spiritual magnetism and theological controversy.

A repeated line of attack tends to highlight an alleged absence of Mary from the Old Testament. We shall explore the Catholic reading of the Hebrew Bible in this respect,  whereby certain women in the Old Testament are identified as the prefiguration of Mary. We will go on to show how this identification offers certain examples of the roles of Mary in God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. We shall look, in particular, at the helping hand which Mary had given to her son Jesus Christ, the New Adam, in His Redemptive mission,  her double-faceted juxtaposition with Eve, the meaning of being the Mother of God and its particular relevance to the Economy of Salvation. We will also look at some of the remedies that Mary provides against the devastating impact of the original sin and her pivotal role in the battle against the Anti-Christ and the ways in which these are prefigured in the Hebrew Bible,  coming into fruition in the New Testament. In conclusion, this will be followed by a selection of Patristic interpretations of the aforementioned themes.

Mr Cyril Chilson

Cyril studied Byzantine Studies, Classics and History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Oxford. He is currently completing a doctoral thesis at the University of Lodz on Sozomen of Bethelia, a Byzantine Palestinian-born fifth-century ecclesiastical historian.

Cyril’s research interests include ecclesiastical historiography in late antiquity, Patristic Biblical exegesis, dogmatic theology, Christian mysticism and modern theological appeal to Patristic authority.

Carmel is all Mary’s and Carmelites devote their entire lives in imitation of Mary’s lifelong “Fiat” (Yes) to God. “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done unto me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). Fr Matt’s presentation will focus on the life of significant Carmelite saints, how they were inspired by Mary, the Virgin Mother of Carmel and embodied her wisdom in living their Carmelite vocation.

Fr Matt Blake

A Carmelite priest, and a renowned speaker and authority on Carmelite spirituality. His primary interest is in exploring ways of applying Carmelite spirituality, an ancient and trusted path, in daily life for journeying towards greater union with God.

Lecture 1 Only (online)


Lectures 1 & 2 with panel discussion (online)

Lectures 1 & 2 with panel discussion in person (onsite)