Our Latest Conferences and Events for 2021

Our annual conferences and events are larger opportunities to deepen your spirituality by drawing on the insights of fellow Carmelites, renowned speakers and revered Saints.

Scripture and Spirituality Conference
(Open for Registrations)

This year’s conference focuses on St. John of the Cross and his life changing teachings of how love can transform each and everyone of us.
Through six thought provoking talks, each of us can learn how to become beacons of light to greater reflect Christ and offer hope to a world
in much need of healing.
This year, we have been blessed with 6 renowned speakers, authors and experts, who will help bring St John’s teachings to life and transform
how we grow in our love and spirituality.

Evening of Reflection
(Open for Registrations)

Please join us for a relaxing evening sharing in Carmelite spirituality through music and art. We hope you will come away from this evening
event enriched by the special commissioned beautiful music from world acclaimed composer Sr. Claire Sokol.

You will also feel inspired to develop your own prayer life with God after seeing Sr. Sa Ra Lee’s iconic art and photo exhibition.