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Carmelite Reading Circle

Welcome to the “Carmelite Reading Circle,” a sanctuary for those seeking profound spiritual exploration and communal sharing of insights drawn from sacred texts. Rooted in the rich Carmelite tradition of contemplation, this reading club offers an immersive journey into the depths of spirituality, mysticism, and the human soul. Through a curated selection of texts from Carmelite mystics like St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and other luminaries, members embark on a transformative quest to understand the inner workings of the spiritual life.

Each session of the Carmelite Reading Circle is an opportunity for participants to delve into timeless writings, exploring themes of prayer, solitude, divine intimacy, and the transformative power of love. Facilitated discussions foster an environment of shared inquiry, inviting diverse perspectives and personal reflections that enrich the collective understanding of these profound spiritual teachings.

The Carmelite Reading Circle through the ancient practice of spiritual reading in common fosters a sense of community and support among its members. It serves as a space where individuals can share their spiritual journeys, struggles, and triumphs, finding solace and guidance in the collective wisdom of the group. Through this shared exploration of Carmelite spirituality, participants not only deepen their understanding of these timeless teachings but also cultivate a sense of connection, empathy, and spiritual growth.

Every year there are opportunities to join different reading circles. So watch out for books that interests you and join one of our reading circles. The Carmelite Reading Circle welcomes you to join in this transformative journey in the company of fellow pilgrims and friends.

Sayings of Light and Love

In this monthly online reflection series, Dr. Susan Muto and the Carmelite friars in Oxford will explore with you the precious jewels of insight and experience from The Sayings of Light and Love by St. John of the Cross. Over these twelve months, we will become companions on a faith journey, led by none other than the saint who wrote these Sayings, in his own hand. Each thread he weaves in this tapestry of truth illumines our union with God. Each merits our willingness to let their wisdom take root in our heart, all the while knowing, as our dear Master says, that without God we can do nothing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you would not want to miss. Let yourself be guided through out 2023 by Saint John of the Cross, the great master of the spiritual life.

Enter the Narrow Gate

On this journey we will draw for guidance upon Chapter 7 of the Rule of Saint Benedict in which he traces the twelve steps of humility. Each of them merits our awe-filled attention as we appraise their wisdom and allow it by the grace of God to take root in our heart. Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bypass the road to perdition and follow Jesus to new life (Matthew 7:13-14).

Let yourself be guided through 2024 by the classical Christian insights of Saint Benedict of Nursia and the guidance of your facilitators, Dr. Susan Muto author of Enter the Narrow Gate, and the Carmelite friars of Oxford. Together let us learn what it means to evade the seductive claims of the wide road and enter the way described by Jesus as the path to heaven.