Join our Carmelite community each Saturday throughout the month of May
where we dedicate and reflect in this Holy Hour to Mary.

Upcoming Events

We have so much happening this year, that we wanted to give you a glimpse of some of what we have planned.  You can view all our events here.

Pentecost 2021

3rd May – 21st May

In this special and free online retreat, we intend to explore together that new language of the Spirit. You are invited to re-imagine being in the Upper Room. Approach the language God knows best with anticipation.

Words and Wisdom Series Five

Monday, 3rd May - Friday 7th May at 12:15pm (UK Time)

Words and Wisdom Series 5 is an encounter with God's love through the teachings of St. John of the Cross and how we call can be fully transformed in love.

Scripture & Spirituality Conference 2021

Saturday 10th - Sunday, 11th July 2021

This year's two day online spirituality conference focuses on St. John of the Cross and his life changing teachings of how love can transform each and everyone of us, no matter our backstory.

Evening of Reflection

Sunday, 11th July 2021, from 7pm

Please join us for a relaxing evening sharing in Carmelite spirituality through music and art. We hope you will come away from this evening

Summer School 2021

5th July – 9th July

This summer school aims to help participants read the writings of St John of the Cross as he himself intended.

Wisdom Lectures

Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions

This recording service was created specifically to nurture and enhance the growth of the spiritual life. There are lectures on Carmelite spirituality, prayer, solitude, silence, community, contemplation, presence, listening and discernment, the Carmelite saints, and much more.