Breathing Space – Time with a Spiritual Director
Available throughout 2020

On our spiritual journeys, we need moments when we can stop and ponder. Here we provide you with the space to do just that. We hope to offer you compassionate and empathetic listening to support and to help you on your journey in the spiritual life. It’s our prayer that through shared insights and prayer with you, you’ll find the strength to continue on the journey and re-emerge with new insights into your story, as well as fresh understanding as to how and where God may be leading you.

During this pandemic when so many people are very worried and fearful and needing support, we’re happy to offer this service of spiritual accompaniment and compassionate listening for free or voluntary donation. People are welcome to make a donation if they wish.

An Individual Guided Retreat

Sometimes we need time away from our busy schedules to pray and reflect.  We are offering the opportunity to organise your own online personalised retreat, on dates and times that suit you.  

We are offering 30 – 60  minutes of online spiritual direction a day, over four, five, six or seven days.   One of our team of qualified and experienced Spiritual Directors will meet with you by phone Skype or Zoom.   

This is an on-going service that we offer.  The cost ranges from £120 for 4 days to £210 for a 7 day guided retreat.

Regular Retreats

We organise a number of retreats online, which can be done in your own time and in your own space.  Often the retreat includes, if you wish it, individual spiritual direction for 25 minutes each day, by Skype or Zoom, limited to a certain number of participants.   During these retreats we record a daily talk and meditation which you can watch live or you can watch the recording later in the day.  We send out daily sheets with reflections, scripture, prayers and questions on which to ponder.  We prepare these carefully in advance, praying as we do so. 

We usually run these online retreats during Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Advent and Christmas.

These retreats are suitable for a range of people, at varying stages of their faith journey, and we encourage those who haven’t been on an online retreat before to come and try it

For more information and dates of these retreats, please check our Online Calendar or get in touch with us to discuss what you are  looking for.

Custom-designed retreats

We can design an online retreat for a parish, a group or a diocese.  Please let us know with your requirements and we can discuss creating a retreat, of any length, suitable for your participants.