Food for the journey is a space for prayer and reflection where our brother Carmelite Friars will share thoughts on prayer, spirituality, peace and more.

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Fr. Yamai blesses us with an inspiring talk about forgiveness and how we can look to Christ and find the courage we need to forgive.
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Never Fear the Storm in a Community

We’ve been blessed with another Carmelite reflection, this time from Fr. Theophilus Nyamali who discusses the importance of community and what we can learn from the miracle of Jesus calming the storm.
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Following in Our Lady’s Footsteps

Today the Blessed Lady of Carmel wraps us in her mantle of love. May this feast remind us to follow in her footsteps as she leads us to Christ. Fr Kelvin reflects in this short video.
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Reclaiming Peace

In this video from Father Liam, he reflects on how a simple tree can quickly center us and bring us closer to God.
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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Fr John Hughes treats us to some beautiful piano playing and then follows with a powerful video reflection on the value we place on material things.
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The Power of Prayer

While we often think of prayer as “asking God for something”, prayer, properly understood, is a dialogue with God. Fr.Liam and Fr.Yamai explain.
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