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The Psalms have a way of touching our hearts and bringing us into the divine presence in prayer. “Journey Towards Easter with the Psalms” will help us unravel the mystery we celebrate at Easter. With this retreat we put ourselves in the mood of the mysteries of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, and their implications for us. Join us this Lent for a transformative experience.

25th February 2024

      3rd March 2024

      10th March 2024

      17th March 2024

Venue: Online

Led By: Carmelite Retreat Team

Cost: Free

After the talk we’ll have a second session where we’ll unpack the fruits of our reflections in shared conversation. We invite you to join us further as we delve deeper into our earlier session. To join us please click on the button below.

To believe in Jesus series

Starting February 2024 Immerse yourself in the transformative graces of Lent by participating in the CACS Online Lent Book Club. Over six weekly sessions, we will discuss together To Believe in Jesus by Ruth Burrows. This book explores what faith in Jesus really means and how it can grow and flower through our everyday lives.

Journey Towards Easter With the Psalms

The Psalms have a way of piercing and taking us into the mind of the divine as we prepare to unravel the mystery we celebrate at this season. Join us this Lent for a transformative experience

Unpacking the Fruits of Lent 2024

Join us in unpacking the fruits of our Lenten Reflections. You've heard a great talk, yes. But sometimes it takes the insights of others during a shared conversation to get its juice flowing. This is why we're creating an opportunity where as friends we can unpack together the fruits of our Lenten reflections.