We offer courses and programmes, based mostly on Carmelite spirituality and its ancient tradition of prayer.

Starting September 2020

The Prophetic Spirituality of Elizabeth of the Trinity

In this 10 week course you will learn about Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity, why her spirituality continues to be relevant for today, and the main themes in her writings. Drawing on Elizabeth’s experience, this course will provide you with a systematic study of the foundational means and principles for an authentic response to Christ’s invitation and calling to deeper conversion and intimacy, as well as participation in his mission.

In particular, you will learn:

  • The formative influences on Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth’s life and legacy
  • Elizabeth’s prophetic spirituality and why it’s so powerful
  • The power of the sacraments in Elizabeth’s life and spirituality
  • The transformative power of scripture in Elizabeth’s experience
  • How Elizabeth can help us appreciate silence and contemplative prayer
  • How Elizabeth can help us engage the culture of today
  • Elizabeth’s relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Elizabeth’s Trinitarian spirituality
  • How Elizabeth’s teaching can help us to response and be perfectly conformed to Christ Crucified

COST:        £270

Starting September 2020

Mystical Wisdom for the Ages:   Insights from the Carmelite Doctors of the Church

This course will explore the mystical wisdom of Saints Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross and Thérèse of Lisieux – three figures recognized as “Doctors of the Church.” We will consider the significance of each saint in their particular historical context and then contemplate the ways in which their life and writings crackle with relevance for people today seeking to grow in the spiritual life. Throughout the course, there will be opportunities to engage with selections from these mystics’ writings and commentaries on their contemporary importance, as well as scope to reflect upon how Teresa, John and Thérèse are meaningful to us personally.

In particular, you will learn …

  • The significance and place of ‘Doctors of the Church’ for today
  • Saint Teresa of Avila’s life and legacy
  • Saint John of the Cross’ context, life and writings
  • Formative influences on Saint Therese of Lisieux
  • Saint Therese’s life and her Spirituality of the Little Way
  • The mystical wisdom of these three saints for life and contemporary times
  • Other mystical teachers in the Carmelite tradition

COST:        £220 

September 2020 – May 2021

The Living Prayer Course – a  Course in Contemplative Prayer & Living

This course will teach and help you practise contemplative prayer and how to live it according to your own lifestyle.
The course will cover the following:

  • Deepening one’s experience of Silent Prayer, Lectio Divina, Contemplative Liturgy, Psalmody, Prayer Journaling, the ‘Gratitude Prayer’ and Spiritual Reading.
  • Nurturing the contemplative dimension of one’s lifestyle by exercising discernment, simplicity, forgiveness, integrity and commitment.

September 11-13

January 8-10

October 2-4

February 5-7

October 30 – November 1

March 5-7

December 4-6

April 9-11


April 30 – May 2

COST: £1,900.

September 2020 – May 2021

The School of Prayer Course

The School of Prayer Course is for those who realise the importance of prayer in their lives and are seeking a deeper relationship with God and support and encouragement in their search. It is not intended as an academic programme; the course will be mainly experiential. Participants will be invited to take an active part in spiritual conversation, workshops and small group sharing. It will also include essential reading, intended as a framework and support for the ongoing process of prayer, reflection and growth. For participants, it will offer the opportunity to be nourished by the rich treasures of Christian prayer with particular reference to the Carmelite tradition – and at the same time to explore their own prayer journey and share this experience with others.


September 12

January 16

October 10

February 13

November 14

March 20

December 12

April 17


May 8

September 2021 – May 2023

Spiritual Directors Training Programme

  • The Spiritual Direction Training Programme (Carmelite Tradition) builds on an interpretation of the experience of journeying towards intimacy with God as expressed in the life of the Carmelite saints and deriving principles from this for the growth and flourishing of the spiritual life. The programme therefore has its foundation in the spirituality of the Carmelite tradition. At the heart of this spirituality is a prayerful listening and response to the God who befriends us and an expressing of this experience through a life of contemplative awareness and friendship with one another.
  • The Programme is centred on journeying with others who seek to deepen and grow in their personal relationship with God. There are no set rules for this, and no single pathway, but a willingness to deepen one’s contemplative awareness and to respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit who is ever calling us and working towards the greater fulfilment and wholeness of each person.
  • One does not need to be a Carmelite or even know much of Carmelite spirituality to be part of the Programme. All that is necessary is to have a heartfelt desire to draw from the rich tradition of Carmelite spirituality in deepening one’s own bond with God and to walk with others as they journey through life