Sayings of Light and Love series – MONTHLY




Join Dr Susan Muto and the Carmelite Friars in Oxford for our online Carmelite Reading Circle of St John of the Cross’ Sayings of Light and Love series.

In this monthly online reflection series, Dr. Susan Muto and the Carmelite friars in Oxford will explore with you the precious jewels of insight and experience from The Sayings of Light and Love by St. John of the Cross, over a one-year period, starting in January of 2023. Over these twelve months, we will become companions on a faith journey, led by none other than the saint who wrote these Sayings, in his own hand. Each thread he weaves in this tapestry of truth illumines our union with God. Each merits our willingness to let their wisdom take root in our heart, all the while knowing, as our dear Master says, that without God we can do nothing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you would not want to miss. Let yourself be guided through out 2023 by Saint John of the Cross, the great master of the spiritual life.

All bookings are subject to CACS Cancellation Policy.