Word and Wisdom Series One

Word and Wisdom Session 1

Historically St Teresa brings us into a time of social unrest affecting the life of the Church. It is the age of the Reformation. Fr Tony outlines the social and ecclesial effects of this 16th century event that certainly would have an impact on Teresa and her own reform of the Carmelite Order.

Word and Wisdom Session 2

The telling influence of Spanish Inquisition reaches into the family lives of newly or historically converted Christians from Judaism. Find out why this would affect the life of St Teresa.

Word and Wisdom Session 3

St Teresa’s personality is explored. How has she influenced those around her before and during her establishing of the Reform of Carmel? Her communities offer an alternative to the prevailing standards of the daily living – find out how.

Word and Wisdom Session 4

Our understanding of God affects how we pray. Teresa is no different and through her experiences she is able to articulate her change in understanding and so develop her prayer relationship with God

Word and Wisdom Session 5

The catechism reminds us that life and prayer are interconnected – so much so that “we live as we pray and pray as we live” – hear how Teresa had to constantly wrestle with this teaching. This final session touches on the general insights Teresa offers us that practically may help grow our own desire to pray.   


  1. Hello Boars Hill community

    I am part of the Little Way Community Bristol, I would like to view these teachings but I cant access them. I believe we did pay a membership so we could access this lectures etc.
    Please advise me as to how to retrieve our membership
    Thank you

    1. Author

      Did you manage to access them? What message are you seeing?
      These particular videos are free for everyone via our website and YouTube.

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