Lord to whom we shall go” You have the words of Eternal Life.”
John 6:68 

The Breath and Depth of Christian Prayer
Weekly on Mondays, until 6th July, 10am and 8pm
Fr Matt Blake, Carmelite Priest

Fr Matt Blake will be giving live talks (not recorded), on ‘The Breath and Depth of Christian Prayer’  . He will give the talk twice, at 10am and repeated at 8pm

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Praying Through the Storm: The Experience of St Teresa
Saturday 4th July 2020, 10:30am – 12:30pm
Fr Liam Finnerty, Carmelite Priest

These are difficult times and people are searching for solutions. Our training and sophisticated systems and our faith all seem inadequate in the light of the present crisis. In the face of our helplessness, we ask the same question as did the disciples: to whom shall we go? Who do we turn to? Where shall we find help in this day of trouble? Where shall we find rest for our wearied souls? In this presentation, Liam Finnerty, a Carmelite priest, will explore these questions, drawing insights from Carmelite spirituality especially the guidance of Saint Teresa of Jesus, who also faced challenging times and left us a wealth of teaching in her writings on how one can pray through the storms of life.

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Enriching Prayer Ministry
Saturday 4th July 2020, 1pm – 3pm
Fr Kelvin Ekhoegbe, Carmelite Priest

A talk and discussion for those who pray for others.

Prayer, as taught by spiritual writers, transcends space and time. In other words, God is not limited by space. However, at a time like this, we can feel handicapped and frustrated when we pray and we feel like we are in unknown deep waters.  There is a growing awareness that prayer ministers are frontline “workers” in the battle against Covid-19. How has the experience of the pandemic reshaped our ministry? What deep spiritual value are we learning from our current experiences of praying for others?

In this two-part presentation, Fr Kelvin will explore these questions examining the nature of prayer ministry from its earliest origins, its mode of expressions and lessons for our ongoing Christian formation at this unprecedented times and beyond.

The talk aims to help prayer ministers who are supporting others in difficult situations and who  seek solace from God and a strong spiritual front against this pandemic.

We will be using Zoom.  There will be a 30 minute talk, then participants will go to breakout rooms, led by Carmelites friars, and then come back for a second talk.  The afternoon will finish with a guided prayer time with Fr Liam Finnerty

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