Online Talks

We have lots of inspirational courses planned for this year so please check back regularly.

Our Wisdom Lecture series was created specifically to nurture and enhance the growth of the spiritual life. There are lectures on Carmelite spirituality, prayer, solitude, silence, community, contemplation, presence, listening and discernment, the Carmelite saints, and much more.

As new videos are added every other week, its content will continue to increase and offer a wide selection of videos on many aspects of Carmelite spirituality. The collections include teachings and presentations by well-known Carmelites like Matt Blake and Iain Matthew. You will also find talks by Sr Jo RobsonHeather WardPeter Tyler, and many others. You can find out more here.

You can also subscribe to our Wisdom lectures to view past online talks.

Spiritual Enrichment Lecture Series from the Carmelites

Our inspirational online talks are designed to allow you to grow in your spirituality, from the safety and comfort of your own home. All courses will be streamed live and in many cases, you will have the opportunity to access the material after the talk. Participants will hear keynote speakers who will explore the practice of contemplative prayer and spiritual guidance in the Carmelite tradition.

Spiritual Enlightenment Lecture Series (SELS)

Our Spiritual Enlightment Lecture series are online talks focussed on helping you grow in your spirituality. Participants will hear keynote speakers who will explore the practice of contemplative prayer and spiritual guidance in the Carmelite tradition. We have the following Lectures coming up later this year.

18th September – Praying in the company of Mary

2nd October 2021 – Praying with Saint Paul

16th October 2021 – Discerning Growth/Regression in Prayer

30th October 2021 – Distractions in Prayer

13th November 2021 – Contemplative Reading

27th November 2021 – Contemplative Vision

11th December 2021 – The three ways of spiritual life and prayer

21st December 2021 – The living flame of love

8th January 2022 – The Eucharist – Source and summit of prayer

22nd January 2022 – Transformed by Prayer

Voices from the Great Tradition Series

A series of 6 online talks starting 11th October 2021

Meet six interesting figures of the Christian Tradition who offer insights for an authentic Christian living founded on the truth of the Gospel.  

Each fortnight on Monday for 6 weeks, Susan and Lori will take you through the teachings of several remarkable spiritual masters. The schedule for each talk are as follows:

11th October 2021 – Evagrius and the Embrace of a life of Virtue

25th October 2021 – St Augustine and the Restless Heart

8th  November 2021  – Hildegard of Bingen and the Music of the Heart

22nd November 2021 – Julian of Norwich and the Revelation of Divine Love

6th December 2021 – Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Cost of Discipleship

20th December 2021 – Thomas Merton and the Fruits of Contemplation

Word and Wisdom Series 5
The series ran during our daily 12:15pm Mass (3rd-7th May). Recordings Available

Word and Wisdom Series 5 is an encounter with God’s love through the teachings of St. John of the Cross and how we call can be fully transformed in love.

These talks promise to be truly transformative. You’ll deepen your appreciation for the depth of God’s love for each and every one of us. St. John of the Cross’ teachings will accompany you, strengthen you and affirm you in the truth that “the beloved of God” is your true and inalienable identity.

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