CARMELITE BOOK SERVICE was set up as a world-wide mail order service in 1984, (on-line since 1997), to provide all books in print on Carmelite Spirituality to the whole family of Carmel. The aim was to stock all titles so as to be able to supply them without delay. This proved to be a great service to customers, and so the book service has grown and now has over one thousand six hundred titles in stock. These are not only books on Carmelite Spirituality but also the Christian classics, books on the English Spiritual tradition, Celtic Spirituality, Eastern Spirituality and Contemporary Spirituality.

The Book Service also supplies a wide range of pamphlets, booklets, audio cassettes, videos, CD’s, DVD’s and religious objects and is located within the Carmelite Priory grounds at Oxford, where there is also a Prayer & Retreat Centre. It is owned, maintained and managed by the Order and is a registered charity. We are an independent bookshop and we have no branches or links with any other bookshops.

Our catalogue is sourced from worldwide suppliers for their specialist content, therefore price variations may occur due to supplier costs, currency fluctuations and customs/tax charges. The Teresian Press is our in-house publishing organisation which publish titles with the aim to popularise and promote Carmelite spirituality and prayer.

Located within the peaceful grounds of the Carmelite Retreat Centre at Oxford, our bookshop
is normally open to visitors Monday – Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm.

TERESIAN PRESS is the book publisher of the Teresian Carmelite friars of Great Britain and Ireland. While the Press has brought out a number of books and booklets going back a number of years – including the Carmelite missal and breviary – in 2008 we began to publish a new series of works, which has steadily increased since then, the aim of which is to popularise and promote Carmelite spirituality and the life of prayer at very affordable prices.

Our books comprise prayerful reflections on Scripture, the teachings of our saints, and accounts of the experience of prayer. We have brought out titles on Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Thérèse of Lisieux and Elizabeth of the Trinity, and our books are regularly reprinted and translated into other languages. One of our notable bestsellers is the profound but very accessible introduction to Carmelite prayer, Upon This Mountain by Sr Mary McCormack, OCD, which is available in several languages, both European and in Chinese and Japanese.

We also have three very popular presentations of the saints by Fr Eugene McCaffrey, OCD, including an introduction to Elizabeth of the Trinity which contains numerous photographs from the Carmel of Dijon, and a two-volume work on the spiritual itinerary of Elizabeth by Joanne Mosley, for the general reader and researchers alike. Our other authors include Fr Iain Matthew, OCD, already well known for The Impact of God on St John of the Cross, and Fr Conrad De Meester, OCD, the foremost authority on St Elizabeth and Brother Lawrence, with a brief guide to Carmelite prayer (forthcoming).

MOUNT CARMEL is the flagship magazine of the Teresian Carmelite friars of Great Britain and Ireland, It Is read and loved all over the world and contains 80 pages (21 cm x 15 cm) of Articles, Poems and Book Reviews in each issue; there are 4 issues a year. It has a strong focus on helping people to develop a life of prayer, so as to live their Christian life to the full. Publishes contributions by Carmelites and non-Carmelites alike.

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Please either check the final pages of our spiritual review, Mount Carmel, or contact the: Carmelite Book Service, Carmelite Priory, Boars Hill, Oxford OX1 5HB; tel. + 44-1865-730183;

Thomas Merton, in The Ascent to Truth, paid this striking tribute to our Order: ‘There is no member of the Church,’ he wrote, ‘who does not owe something to Carmel.’ We hope, and indeed believe, that the work of the Teresian Press continues, in some small way, that contribution to the Church, enriching its readers with the teachings and witness of our Carmelite saints and of our authors today.

Fr Yamai Bature, OCD
Director, Teresian Press; Editor, Mount Carmel