Weekday Retreats

We offer weekday retreats in which guests meet privately with an accompanying retreat guide each day, and then spend the rest of the day in prayer and reflection.  Guests arrive for supper at 6.30pm on the first day and leave after lunch on the day of departure.

7 – 10 September
12 – 14 October
2 – 4 November
7 – 10 December

We also offer the opportunity for you to book in advance to come for a few days that suit you, if we have availability, and if you wish we can arrange for you to see a Spiritual Director daily.  Come and take time for silent prayer, reflection, reading and rest in this quiet and peaceful environment where God can work in your life and speak to your heart.

All guests are most welcome to join the Carmelite Community for Mass and liturgical prayers.

Weekday rate (24 hours with full board):

For a single room                    £75
For a shared room                   £65 per person