Carmelite Mass Request

Dear friends,
If you would like to request a Mass for your intentions or that of a loved one, please make known your request below.
A Mass Request or Mass Stipend (click for explanation) as it’s commonly known is rooted in biblical tradition and Catholic history.

Mass Request Donations

Very Important. In the below form, make sure to :-

  1. select “Mass Request” and then enter a donation amount.
  2. please ensure to select to “leave a message
  3. in the message, please include :-
    • If it’s for a regular Mass.
    • for regular Mass requests only – please also add contact details/email address if appropriate (so we can contact you about the Mass),
    • preferred date of the Mass
    • intention of the Mass.

If you have any further queries – please contact –

God Bless.

Mass Requests